Tourist – “Illuminate” Feat. Years and Years

“In 1992, a man receives love letters in Korean. Since Google Translate doesn’t exist yet, he’s left confused. What could this mean?”

This is the first line in the description of the music video for Tourist’s “Illuminate.” It is a quirky and silly premise, enough so to peak an eight-bit nostalgia. It harkens back to a time of GameBoys and arcade games and the over the top foreign intrigue of the Animes played on the Adult Swim of old.

Production Company: Nexus
Direction and Design: Nicolas Ménard
Executive Producer: Luke Youngman
Producer: Beccy McCray
Production Co-ordinator: Natalie Henry
Editing: Nicolas Ménard

Animation Crew:
Nicolas Ménard
Anne-Louise Erambert
James Hatley
Isaac Holland

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