Tycho – Awake

For those of you who have been depriving yourself of good music, there’s one artist you should familiarize yourself with. A Bay Area native, Tycho (Scott Hansen) has been producing ambient music for over a decade now alongside his photographic and design works as ISO50. So pretty much this guy is an artistic genius who is constantly fine tuning his creative abilities.

We’ve been following Tycho for a few years now and his growth is definitely apparent through the way he has executed his new album, Awake. Moving from a single man production unit Tycho now consists of a live band, bringing something a little new to the table for long time fans. Tycho carries forth his usual ambiance and downtempo style with Awake, however he definitely presents more percussive elements than usual. The new sound elements are definitely a positive change up and the addition of Zac Brown (guitar, bass) and Rory O’Connor (live drums) to Tycho’s live show creates an experience more rewarding musically than your typical DJ set (and that’s putting it lightly).

Overall we could go into depth describing each track, comparing it to other tracks/artists and pretending like we know Tycho’s artistic process/vision when creating each track. Yeah…We’re not going to do that…What we will tell you though is that this is a warm and psychedelic album in its entirety. When listening, one envisions happiness, a glowing sunrise, blossoming life, glowing color, and maybe even a dash of young romance here and there. The sounds nourish the soul, the melodies lift you up, and the beats evolve in all the right ways. After all is said and done, Awake is a fantastic album and just one listen through will leave even the average listener feeling satisfied and tingling at the core.


We highly recommend you check out Tycho during his tour and grab a copy of his new album released via Ghostly International.

Check the tour dates below to see when the band will be coming through your area, and be sure to buy tickets way ahead of time as the San Francisco show sold out several months before the show’s date.



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