Upcoming February shows take Lucent Dossier in a new direction in LA and SF!

Our favorite entertainment troupe is coming back to Los Angeles (2/21) and San Francisco (2/27)!

In Los Angeles, The Lucent Dossier experience will be supported by bass-heavy DJs Marty Party, Nico Luminous and Dirtwire, while the Desert Hearts crew consisting of Mikey Lion, Marbs and Deep Jesus will be taking over the upstairs stage with their deep house vibes.

Lucent Dossier heads in a powerful new direction with Unleash Your Legend. This new show is inspired by the troupe’s recent Cotton Club-style production for The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, which exhibited a strong urban and street feel. With the addition of new members, Lucent Dossier’s troupe configuration now features incredible Los Angeles battle dancers that incorporate a multitude of dance styles: crunking, breaking, voguing, bone-breaking, hip-hop and parkour. In total, the 70-minute spectacle showcases 16 performers, plus Lucent Dossier’s trademark innovative choreography, fire, aerials, acrobatics and contortion
Music also takes a new turn in Unleash Your Legend, merging the deep bass that Lucent Dossier is known for with new influences pulling from deep house, hip-hop, jungle, techno and melodies inspired by world music. The two shows will celebrate the release of Lucent Dossier’s forthcoming album Light of the World, which drops February 21.

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