Urtekk – “DM3 pt. 2 – Freedom”

Today we take a look at something that is both refreshing and fantastic. Urtekk is an up and coming 4-piece electronic group based out of Australia, weaving together complex patterns of sounds and loops to create experimental textures and forms through the use of live drums, bass, synths, and various effect processors. The resulting creations are surreal, wacky, perfectly balanced, and are bound to get you moving, one way or another.

Accompanying their latest work, “DM3 pt. 2 – Freedom”, is a video that stands as a creative execution of abstract art and bizarre imagery. It flows seamlessly with the music and draws the viewer in as the music continues it’s grand build.

We look forward to seeing more creative works from Urtekk. Be sure to check out more of their music to get a better grasp of the bands raw talent and ability.

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