Video Debut: Gianni… – “Elucidated”

Gianni Abbott is an up-and-coming producer who, due to his proven ability to push the limits of several creative outlets, we’ve become very excited about. His latest project,  A SCORE REIMAGINED, is the culmination of years of collaboration with fellow artist Carey Alexander. The two Angelenos have shared a love for music since meeting in kindergarten. Gianni’s EP is a reimagining of Alexander’s solo debut LP, A Score Without a Film, which is in and of itself a cinematic psych-folk masterpiece. What started as a remix project soon veered off the tracks. In a fit of manic inspiration, Gianni expanded the compositions into a genre-bending fusion incorporating the aesthetics of electronica, hip-hop, dub, and musique concrète. The result is a diverse work that seeks to unite several artistic mediums while giving listeners uplifting feels and dreamy vibes.

“Elucidated” is the first release from Gianni’s latest works. He infuses the track with life by teaming up with Tiffany Chung, dgtalFILM, Carey Alexander, and Shawn James to produce this stellar music video. The result is something ethereal, complex, and captivating. We are very much looking forward to the album’s release and seeing more creative collaborations from these artists and others like them in the near future.

Be sure to check out more of Gianni’s music at his Soundcloud page:

Also be sure to check out Carey Alexander’s work on his Soundcloud page:

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