Watercolours – “Soft Teeth”

There is something about the female voice that enchants me more than any other sound can. I’m sure some may go down the developmental psychology road and spin some story about prenatal comfort or Freudian sexual subtexts, but whatever the reason, I am hopelessly enraptured by the allure of the female voice  and invariably end up  falling in love with the women to whom those voices belong.

Auckland’s Chelsea Jade Metcalf, professionally known as Watercolours, is the latest in a long line of women who have stolen my heart with a song. On “Soft Teeth” her vocals – quiet and  almost whisper thin – hold a  personal conversation with the listener. She sounds so close that you can almost feel the warmth of her breath on your ear.

You can find this unsigned artist’s EP Portals here. Metcalf is just another reason to be thankful for the musical talent bursting from New Zealand.

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