ZHU – “Faded” (ODESZA Remix)

Two artists regularly featured on our Come Up playlists, we are excited to post ODESZA’s new remix of ZHU’s track, “Faded.”

ZHU, a project unveiled earlier this year, has wasted no time in captivating audiences with songs charting consistently as one of the top ten searched for tracks on the Shazam app in almost every continent. “Faded” is an infectious down tempo track at home in an underground club somewhere where the patrons can’t hope to guess if the sun has already risen. It’s one of those songs that would play towards the end of a night’s set for weary dancers who refuse to throw in the towel to time. Its versatile energy makes it a track that one can just as easily throw down to as modestly bob along with.

Enter ODESZA and this creative ambiguity is replaced by a driving heaviness that layers the track with urgency. The flow seems more choreographed in the remix; a weightier “chill” that is stamped with the unmistakable brand cultivated in the last two years by the Seattle-based duo. Both tracks are masterful in their own right – ZHU for creating a unique, malleable piece with which listeners are asked to interact and ODESZA for answering the call.

You can listen to more ZHU on his soundcloud (we highly recommend checking out his “West Coast” remix). If you haven’t checked out ODESZA yet, get on that!


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